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Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)

Watch Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004) full movie online cartoons.
The Princess Annelise and humble seamstress Erika, born concurrently and bodily equivalent, because it they had been twins. The one distinction between them it’s their hair coloration: Annelise is ir blond and Erika’s is black. By probabilities of destiny, Annelis and Erika meet one another, and they’re shocked to see their resemblance. They turn into good associates with out suspicion that their lives should unite for an important journey.
The princess Anneliese, craves freedom from her royal duties, particularly when she finds out that a wedding ceremony has been organized to marry King Dominick, a person who she doesn’t love; so as to save her individuals from the distress into which it has sunk. By the opposite hand, Erika additionally has troubles with the dressmaker for whom she works, a malicious and grasping lady.

The state of affairs sophisticated for each of them, however a giant shock adjustments their lives. The Princess Annelise and Erika will probably be united by friendship and hazard. Annelise is kidnapped by the evil Preminger, Queen’s Counsel, who plans to name off the princess’ marriage ceremony to ask for her hand and marry her, however issues received’t show to be so easy to Preminger, who would see his plans thwarted by Annelise and Erika, who has a variety of resemblance to the princess.
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