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California High (2015)

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Synopsis: This was a great thought provoking movie. It gave a lot of detail on both sides of the legalizing marijuana issue. There was a lot of history about it up until now and the quest to get it legalized in California. It left me with a sense that this will not be a battle that will be done with anytime soon, although there has been a lot of progress in the legalization. I know it can be a help to a lot of people, and personally I feel that it is not as bad as alcohol and that’s legal. The same with prescription drugs. They did bring up some things that are worrisome though, what if big business takes over? But it sure would help decrease the number of people locked up in jail for non-violent crimes and lowering the cost for running jails. Not to mention the cost of police using their time looking for farms and using resources for that instead of more violent crimes. If it were legal then the farmers would have another crop to grow. If California does legalize it I think that would be a huge step for other states as well. This movie will surely make you think about all the consequences either way.
Directors: Barnaby O’Connor, Matthew O’Connor
Writers: Barnaby O’Connor, Matthew O’Connor
Stars: Paul Chabot, Valerie Corral, Bob du Pont

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