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Cell 2455, Death Row (1955)

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Synopsis: Whit, condemned and awaiting execution, reviews the events of his life that has brought him to Cell 2455 on San Quentin’s Death Row, a story he had told in a autobiography that became a sensational best-seller. As a boy, the young Whit stole groceries to help feed his impoverished family, later moving on into major crime to impress a young gang moll, Jo-Anne, and turns into a cold-blooded thug when he is repudiated by the girl he loves, Doll. And by his own lawyer when he is arrested and tried as the infamous Lover’s Lane Bandit. In cell 2455, he studies law to the point where he wins stay after stay, twice within minutes of his scheduled execution.
Director: Fred F. Sears
Writers: Jack DeWitt (screenplay), Caryl Chessman (based upon the book by)
Stars: William Campbell, R. Wright Campbell, Marian Carr

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