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Its a SpongeBob Christmas (2012)

Watch Its a SpongeBob Christmas (2012) full movie online free.
Synosis: It is Christmas in Bikini Bottom and Plankton is miserable and angry for committing so many naughty deeds, that he always gets on Santa’s naughty list, making him unable to receive his Christmas wish—the Krusty Krab’s Krabby Patty secret formula. However, he discovers Jerktonium, a dangerous chemical element which serves as a trap for the citizens of Bikini Bottom and is capable of turning anyone into a jerk. He cooks it into fruitcakes that he intends to feed to all the Bikini Bottomites and turn them into jerks. In order to test it, Plankton gives SpongeBob a slice, but nothing seems to work on SpongeBob, who is immune to Jerktonium because of the combination of his small brain and his very big heart. Increasingly infuriated that his plan has seemingly failed completely to suffice, Plankton gives his fruitcake dispenser to SpongeBob, who promptly distributes the fruitcakes to all of Bikini Bottom and transforms all the residents into jerks. After realizing that the element works only on other people in Bikini Bottom instead and that SpongeBob is so full of Christmas spirit that he is immune to jerktonium, Plankton is forced to send out an evil wind-up robot version of SpongeBob to commit troublesome deeds to frame the real SpongeBob
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