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Metamorphosis (2019)

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Synopsis: Metamorphosis is a documentary-style film which recounts the true life testimony of Bill Troester and the powerful life-transformation he experienced through the gospel. Bill Troester’s childhood was characterized by pain, disappointment and abuse. This drove him into a life of violence, crime and drug addiction. In Bill’s darkest moments he discovered that there is no sin too great or pit too deep for Jesus to reach down and save. Bill shares his story in an intimate and emotional interview which is overlaid with re-enacted narrative of Bill’s childhood as well as other pivotal moments of his life. Bill’s story is interwoven with powerful, spiritual imagery which displays the faithfulness of God even in his darkest moments. At the heart of this film is the truth that the power of the gospel is able to redeem the worst situations and to transform those who feel that they are beyond hope and beyond change. Many feel that they have gone too far, have sinned too much and for too long for…
Director: Jordan Hatfield
Writer: Jordan Hatfield
Stars: Jonathan Brickley, Christopher Grimwood, Seth Hatfiel

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