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Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)

Watch Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006) full movie online.
Synopsis: The Robotech Expeditionary Force stages their final assault on the Invid to liberate Earth at all costs along with REF pilot Scott Bernard and the Invid princess Ariel’s parallel planetside efforts at the alien’s stronghold, Reflex Point. Just before the attack, the fleet gets a distress call from Admiral Rick Hunter and their flagship, SDF-3. In the ensuing mission, which only manages to rescue the android Janice Em, the REF discover that they have been betrayed by their own ally, the Haydenites, whose powerful technology they have supplied now is revealed to be designed to devastatingly enable their own plans of conquest even as the Invid withdraw. As Scott and Ariel join the fleet, the disparate pair and Janice must overcome their comrade’s deep distrust to find a means to stop their newest foe before it is too late.
Directors: Dong-Wook Lee, Tommy Yune
Writers: Carl Macek, Tommy Yune
Stars: Richard Epcar, Eddie Frierson, Mark Hamill
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