Tak and the Power of Juju Season 2

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Synopsis: Tak is given a staff, the “Power of Juju”, and instead of using it responsibly, he’s often than not using it to make his workload from Jibolba easier or to solve a problem. He hangs out with his friends, avoids doing chores, takes any glory he can get, and learns his lessons the hard way. Despite it all, his intentions are usually pure. He’s branded as a fool, a coward, and a cursed boy despite his heroic efforts when he’s helping his fellow tribespeople, especially from Lok and Chief. Jeera, his best friend, does the same at times, but she’s just as wild as Tak is.
Creator: Jed Spingarn
Stars: Kari Wahlgren, Hal Sparks, Lloyd Sherr
Sources: IMDB

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