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The Elm-Chanted Forest (1986)

Watch The Elm-Chanted Forest (1986) full movies online free cartoons.
Synopsis: A painter goes to a forest to seek inspiration for his next work. He falls asleep under the great elm tree. When he wakes up, he discovers that he can understand and talk to the animals and creatures of the forest. He learns that a mad villainous creature called the Cactus King is building an army of magical living weapons and monstrous machines that can obliterate the forest and its inhabitants in no time. His mad goal is to create a wasteland where only cactus can prosper. The painter teams up with a mead-loving mighty bear, three young brave hedgehog brothers, wise beaver and other animals, to defend the forest from the villain. Since the spirit of the forest lives within the great elm tree, if it falls, the forest dies. The good guys must come up with a plan to infiltrate the Cactus King’s foreboding dark castle and defeat him there, but also unite the forest and put up defenses against his army. However, the Cactus King has his own allies in the forest like the spectator raven
Directors: Milan Blazekovic, Doro Vlado Hreljanovic
Writers: Fred P. Sharkey, Suncana Skrinjaric
Stars: Josip Marotti, Vili Matula, Ljubo Kapor
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