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Valley Inn (2014)

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Synopsis: Valley Inn tells the story of Emily Mason, a New Jersey college student, who finds herself in a dusty dying small southern town, a thousand miles from home, selling Christian books door-to-door. Through a series of misadventures in ‘the Book field,’ and her growing friendships with the endearing and often comical local residents, Emily begins to discover what is most valuable in life, at the Valley Inn. More than a movie, Valley Inn is a love-letter to small town America. A tribute to a quickly vanishing way of life. And above all, as all movies should, Valley Inn entertains and transports the audience. Just like Emily, audiences will fall in love with the Valley Inn, the small town setting and all its quirky characters.
Directors: Kim Swink, Chris Spencer (co-director)
Writers: Kim Swink, Nelsie Spencer (co-writer)
Stars: Joey Lauren Adams, David Lansbury, Natalie Canerday

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