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KissCartoon is a watch cartoon online website that offers its viewers a simple and easy way to watch cartoons online without having to go through the trouble of downloading it, not finding what you want, slow downloads and other problems that relate to downloading and making life harder. Its free and doesn’t ask for any kind of money for viewing its content, and viewers can watch whatever they want as long as it’s available on the site.

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KissCartoon – Watch Cartoon Online

The Site:
The site is very easy to use. The new cartoons are right in the front, so anyone who visits knows instantly what’s going on and what’s the newest update. The interface on the home page makes it easier to guide yourself through the site. Below the new shows update is the updated cartoons, the ones that are ongoing and have new episodes coming out every week or so. Below that is another helpful section that shows the top new cartoons, ranked 1, 2, 3 and so on. It’s really helpful and goes on to the right side of the screen as well. Ongoing series is a small section on the right where it only shows what shows are ongoing and are doing better than the rest. They even make the latest update more specific by giving the exact episode that has been released.
There’s also other options like Top Day, Top Week, Top Month, and Most Popular, letting you know exactly what you’re watching and how it’s being appreciated by others. That way, the viewer knows what was hot and what is not, what’s over and what’s still ongoing, all on one single page and they don’t have to move around much at all, except go up and down. Hovering the cursor over some of the titles shows the titles synopsis as well, including that language and genre which are all mentioned right in the front.

Watch Cartoon Online List

Next is the cartoon list. The cartoon list is a comprehensive list that goes alphabet wise, letting the viewer search and find their own favourite show to watch. When you hover the cursor over a title, a little pop-up box gives you a synopsis of the show and the rating and if it’s to your liking, you can go ahead and watch it all you want. It also shows cartoons from every language, and those that are of another language are provided with hard English subtitles to make it much easier for English speakers to watch the show without much problem.

Report Error: 

There is a report error section that also allows viewers to report wrong or indecent behaviour. One can report to the site about spoilers for the next episode, not the current episode that’s out. So that way, no episode is spoiled for the viewer until they themselves don’t watch the episode once it finally comes out. Other problems can also be reported, but they have to be detailed and given proper reasons for, so that the team may know what exactly is the problem and deal with it effectively without causing much of a hitch to everyone else.

KissCartoon Forum

KissCartoon has it’s own forum called the KissCommunity. The KissCommunity has a lot of sites, for anime, cartoons and Asian dramas as well. So hence, all of them have a single forum for all their site rules, announcements and the like. They have a Bulletin Board, where all the announcements, notes and rules are posted for viewers to make themselves aware of the sites dos and don’ts. There’s support as well, which means they also provide technical help and support for the users.

There’s also a discussion section in the forum that lets people talk about their favourite manga and anime, cartoons and Asian dramas, their favourite comics, light novels and visual novels & anime games.

There’s a recommendation section too, for anime and manga and cartoon, Asian drama, comics, light novels and visual novels so that people with experience in the field can help out those people who have no idea about what they’re getting into and where they should start from. These forums help people of the same interest meet up with one another and chat about what they like and what they want to watch and what’s their interests and etc. It’s a wholesome place for people from different parts of the world to be able to discuss about the one thing that connects all of them together.

Anime, Comics and Dramas

The site kisscartoon also has links to its other sister sites like KissAime for watching free and HD anime, KissAsian for watching HD Asian dramas without paying anything at all and ReadComics for being able to read all comics, whether it’s Marvel or DC or some other comic book that you’re totally into at the moment.
Each site has it’s link on KissCartoon and it leads the viewer to another site altogether where the layout is the same, only the content tends to differ from site to site. However, the quality that the KissCommunity provides doesn’t change as much from one site to another, giving people exactly what they want on all the platforms that they operate and serve on.


Visitors can even log in or register and make their own ID on the website. This allows the viewer to not only have their own unique name, but they can also comment on the episodes about what they liked in it, what they disliked, how they think the story should’ve progressed and how they think the story has been uptil now. That way, you can warn others to not watch something if the story is genuinely bad and at the same time, you can also tell them things that are better to watch. Not only can you do that, but once you’ve registered, you can also do things like bookmark your favourite shows and watch them for later, rate the shows that you like best and know where you stopped watching a cartoon the last time you were on the site. It’s as simple and easy as that.

KissCartoon is a great website for watching your favourite cartoons and since everything is available on here, in HD, you don’t need to go to another site for a different type of cartoon. They’re all here.